Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Slitting Cutting Stacking Machine

Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Slitting Cutting Stacking Machine

The corrugated cardboard sheet slitting cutting stacking machine comes with a mechanical-electrical integration design, automatic operation control, intelligent production management coupled with simplified usage and maintenance. This product also boasts advanced technologies, optimized configuration, premium quality, excellent performance, high reliability as well as long operation life.

This slitting cutting stacking machine can be used in transmission and stacking cardboard at a fast speed while its manufacture costs are relatively high. The position of this product in the HS high speed corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is shown in the diagram ⑥.

The cardboard is firstly fed into the slitting cutting stacking unit via the double-powered feeding roller. Assisted by double paper pressing rollers and dual paper guide rollers, the feeding roller can steadily convey paper without being off tracking or damaging the cardboard.

The variable frequency motor and variable frequency drive are in control of feeding and conveying of cardboard with the conveying speed being synchronous with the speed of the single facer. The slitting knives are made of alloy steel and can be arranged by the computer in 3 seconds. These knives are characterized by easy changeover, long operation life as well as outstanding slitting effects. The slitting speed is regulated by the variable frequency motor and frequency transformer in synchronization with the speed of cardboard.

The alloy steel straight knife is used for transverse cutting. Driven by precision alloy steel gears, it can cut cardboard steadily and neatly. With the help of the permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor and AC servo controller, the slitting cutting stacking machine has high transverse cutting accuracy and efficiency.

The transverse cutting device delivers the cardboard using double layered power conveyer belt, which effectively prevents cardboard from warping and curliness. Therefore, the cardboard can be transmitted in a steady way. Moreover, the output and transmission of the cardboard in the transverse cutting section are manipulated by the variable frequency motor and frequency transformer. The conveying speed is synchronous with that of cardboard speed.

The stacking part of the slitting cutting stacking machine has two cardboard conveying sections. The variable frequency motor and frequency transformer take charge of stacking and conveying of the cardboard. The conveying speed is in synchronization with cardboard speed. The lift type paper splicing platform is managed by the AC servo for steady and neat stacking. The heap changing and order changing are carried out by the pneumatic system in a fast and accurate manner. The backplate is positioned by the AC servo and can be adjusted automatically. These adjustments are fast and accurate.

The variable frequency motor and frequency transformer make cardboard output automatically and smoothly in a transverse direction when the number of stacked cardboard reaches the preset quantity. The finial cardboard is fitted with a thin roll aluminum alloy paper splicing frame for immediate packing and stacking.
This slitting cutting stacking machine is configured with an 8'' colorful touch screen as a standard, bringing convenience for supervision of field operation. It is made in full compliance with CE criteria. So far, this product is approved by SGS and CE. It has secure and reliable operation.

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