Конвейер линии для производства двухслойного гофрокартона

Feeding Overbridge Conveyor

The feeding overbridge conveyor is responsible for conveying and rectification of paper. Its traction section uses separate variable frequency drive to be in synchronization with the single facer. The single sided corrugated cardboard produced by the single facer is pulled onto the overbridge conveyor and finally transported to the NC single corrugated cutting machine. The position of this product in the HS corrugated cardboard single sheet production line is shown in the diagram ④.

Технические характеристики
1. Diameter of Paper Pulling Roller
Upper Roller in the Front Side: Φ135mm
Lower Roller in the Back Side: Φ135mm
2. Diameter of Low Speed Feeding Roller
Active Roller: Φ135mm
Driven Roller: Φ135mm
Tension Roller: Φ85mm
Lifting Roller: Φ85mm

Линия для производства однослойного гофрокартона
Hebei Dinghao Machinery Company Ltd.

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Corrugated Board Production Feeder Manufacturer | Single Face Corrugated Fiberboard Production | Paper Processing System Part

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