CNC Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Cutter

CNC Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Cutter

The CNC corrugated cardboard sheet cutter is a kind of computer controlled cutting device which works solely and has an affordable price. With the single knife, it is designed to slit and cut the single-sided corrugated cardboard to a fixed length. Because of the short order changing time, high cutting accuracy, fast operation speed, little cardboard wastage during order changing and other advantages, this cutting equipment is excellent for high-end color printed packing cardboard.

The CNC corrugated cardboard sheet cutter is designed with a PLC touch screen for operators to have a comprehensive understanding of corresponding production situations. The use of the variable frequency motor and servo driver, for one thing, can reduce the frequency of failure due to abrasion occurring in mechanical speed reduction. For the other, it makes cutting length more accurate with the cutting precision being ±1.5mm at a uniform velocity, and the mechanical performances being more excellent.

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